Link 20 Mar DEAD MAN»

Review of Johnny Depp in 1999 film, Dead Man. Probably one of my favorite reviews written about a film. 

Link 17 Mar BLACK MAGIC PROTECTION/ WITCH CRAFT/ BAD LUCK/ TOKOLOSHE CALL +27780159432 PROF for Sale in Mafikeng, North West Classified |»

African spiritualism  

Video 5 Mar

That Look.

Obsession with a particular female look, bordering on a fetish.

Photo 28 Feb 2 notes To Serve Myself

To Serve Myself

Text 8 Feb 2 notes Hillbilly Logic - The wit and musings of a Kenosha Whiteboy

When all else fails, cause kenoshas dead… 20$ on taco bell and rentin a movie makes it a 5 star night!

the eyes never lie.., neither does the heart

Ive had the roughest week of my life, the wear physically, emotionally, and mentally. It took its toll.theres gotta be a reason im still here.


I been tryna get ahold of you.hmu.same number

I dont know anymore

Finally got a spot to relax and chill

Lets get it! Out with the buddies

Its hard to do right when all is goin to hell, got God on my side but the devil in my ear.

What does family man any more

They say that everyman bleeds just like me.

Hotel?? hmu u know I got it

Just picked up the tattoo artist, let me know if you wanna get the plug on art, come by

I miss your cock breath ass phone just got shut off but will be on tomorrow afternoon hmu

Anyone wanna get on some sour lettuce, lets get it! Cheif!? #GotIt

Havin a tattoo party tomorrow, hmu if youre tryna get some work hes a professional, owned his own shop. You got the money, feel free to come get tatted

Im out here tonight with an old brothaa, whats up!

After women see a man gotta little money they hop on it! #100

Heyy, you lets do somethin im off, out with the boys!

Alotta people talk about leavin this town, getting far away, starting new, escaping their problems. Ive seen a few leave…they came back. Why run from problems when you can conquer them.

Workin all winter, shinin all summer #3rdShiftGottaLoveIt

Super Sour Official!

I cant feel my Face!

Why cant girls just make a normal ass face inna picture, God gave you a smile to smile bitch!

All the girls who say guys are lucky… LMAOO

Im gunna have this typa relationship with my wife lmaoooo

I remember when the word “friend” use to mean something

For real…shit irritates me!!

I justt witnessed swingers in action in this hotel room… I thought it was only in tthe movies.

I gotta get out the house tonight and do somethin other then “look for something to do”. I gott all the preparations for a goodnight


If its good enough for you, its good enough for me.

why cant a person go out anymore and not see drama ,that shits dead

Welp, its friday. Im out! #soberlife

Lifes too short to care what others think, what others do, what others say. Talks cheap, the only thing you can give to someone that has any meaning is time. people needa start giving more time to theirselves, and the people that matter. this year is looking up further than i coulda imagined#Blessed

I honestly forever got feelings of situations that keep me guarded I cant recall, all on how it made me feel. Ill never go back to those feelings

Everybodys lookin for reasons to turn up, im lookin for a reasons to turn down. Fortunately I found it

Im pretty sure if there was an award for ugliest feet or flat head, id win em both!

true friends are few, i rather stand alone then with a flakes

sluts are sluts, players are players, where can you finda person who has a fresh slate these days….im pretty sure i have an idea for me everybodys got baggage. but theres a differance in good and bad, and need to be worked on. happy to say at least theres a few!

after a long exsausting day at ——-, and gettin home. Im ready to start this birthday weekend off RIGHT!….right after this nap #3RDshiftProblems

first day of work since november, ready to not be broke again, 1st day at Uline, workin 3rd! 15.25 an hour, finally feels like im gunna work for somethin more then pennies

I need to start goin to church again, I miss it, and more then that, need it!

Yupp, its exactly what you see

Remember to pack another pair of clothes were stayin up for 2 nights, undies and a toothbrush you stank mouth mother fukers —

They say a duck says qwack, a cow says moo, and a dog barks. But I think theyd all be pretty speechless after seein ______ in unlce lesters christmas sweater! #love ya brutha

Myy only nigga at work since ____ left

I knew this day would eventually come, and id have to eventually start beatin up kids 7 years younger then me. My sister dating…lmao shes gunna be mad. And he aint gunna show up to school!

This picture says a lot, it reminds me how I felt when I was sayin fuck it EVERYDAY to EVERYTHING. Ive came a long ways since then, with a simple change from my heart. The eyes never lie, says 1000 words

Fuck the goverment! The only thing I belive in is GOD and rubbers.

Shit just got real!

STOP, breathe. When dealing with women remember theyre always right. Follow that, you’ll never go wrong…

The little things though!

Family is suppose to have your back, be there 100! Seems like theyre the ones in my life that hurt me the most, if I was any of less of a stronger person id be scared.

THAT HAIR THOUGH!! I love this kid to death, hes a brother to me. Id hurt people for em. It hurts me to see em like this, but soon enough he’ll be able to not only be an amazing father but back to bein onna my best friends. Im happy AF for ———, and ——- . Thats gunna be a beautiful family. I consider them part of mine

Xanexed out or drunk, aint cute when priorities are at hand. Happy im leaving to somewhere I dont gotta deal wity either

——- insisted we go swimming at the Y, I had no shorts so I borrowed his…they were ment for a 12 year old I sware

We left together to go for a ran, I lost him. I pass marina gardens, and find him here!!! Only

My afternoon will consist of wildly jumpin off a roof into a pool!

My ———- lil puppy, shittin everywhere!!

whats with everybody thinkin they need a PERSON, place, or thing to make them happy. fucks wrong with this town

And hes single ladies!

Crazy how a simple pair of boot camp cargos can bring back so many memories. I never dreamed that home would one day be a place I dont belong, but its time to do for me, and get outta this town,state,country. And pursue dreams I know everyone has

She comes out after 11….

Early morning jogg


I realized I’ve wasted a lot of my good time on a lot of bad people..


Truth is… fuck it!! :))

startin the new job today!!! :DD

every1s got that person!

The best things in life are the unexpected! :))


raawwww shit, just discovered it

facebook is not a fuckin daily diary, holly shit..

My lifes given me lemons, and im makin lemonade. Freddys life has fourtunatley gaven him voldka. We’ve been partyin ever since

First time out kickin it in 5 months:p should be exciting

A “drop” a day keeps my mind feelin straight —

To not decide, is to decide. If you always do what you always have done you will always get what you always have gotten

my shit!

A mañs thoughts become his belifes,his belifes become his actions, and through his actions come his destiny..time to DO ME, FOR ME. FREEEEEDOM BABYBABY

Free myyy niggggieeee love ya brothaaa

good day with the boys…seen alotta mofos! ;)bouta kick it with the brothers!


shhhhhhhhhhhrooooms night out lastnight!! amazing times

funerall till 4!!! then shroomies

my old shit!!!!

goin to the gymmm for the first time in forever!!! bouta get buff real quick

ahhhh agagagagag!

sooo i went back as a one man army to take on 20 motherfukers with a bat nd a knife nd killa was suppose to be runnin THEM over…this nigga speeds dwn the street and instead of hitting any of them tags me in my backk lmfao! rawwww night!!

worst night of my fucking life!! between ———- kickin bitches in the belly. ruff bitchin were never gettin home and the police giving me tickets lost for 4 hours on the highway.i could go on nd on….

5 day weekend! whats goood XP i was tooo boppd last night singin in the car with my bitches alll the way home. cant forget about ——-

boss lemme go home early!!! rawww XD goin to dinner with some1 special, then movie!!! thenn im gettinnnn FUCKED UPPPP!

4th day of work

my olll school shitttt forrealll!!!!! give it a listen!

back on the streetss…hopefully for good!! gotta job.ready to go hard this summer!!!ayyyyye hmu

goin to jail till the 15th my niggs who r goin to mifflin better kick it hard for me!!!

back frm the dells!!! fuck is really goin onnn XD house to my selffff im goin turns out i get back nd gotta warrent. smfh! fukk the goverment

fuckin busterrrs i needa woman!

ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its fridayyyyyyy!!!! ———- were goin hardddddd tonight!!!

what the fuckkkk is goinnnn onnnnn!!!! u know i hadda goodnight when i woke up with painted nails nd didnt know how they got there!!! weirrrrrrd! lovin lifeee

im fukin uppp

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The Hot-Cold Clock

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Sun Stone

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Secret Society

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Eurax Cryptogram

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US Economy: Barry Barry Bad.

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Would you believe?….

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There goes Viet Nam

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